Theory - Technical Data
    Material Types
    Selection Guidlines
    Balancing, Care/Safety & Mods
    Dynamic Forces & Effects

Bolly Propeller Details
    Composite Prop Details
    Bolly Mfg Composite Propeller Data Chart
    Notes on Composite Propeller Uses

Clubman Series Propellers
    Product Introduction
    Propeller Range and Usage

    Two Stroke Theory
    Operation of the Four Stroke Engine
    Engine Design
    Engine Operation & Care
    Engine Modification (Hot-Ups etc.)

Exhaust Systems
    How They Work
    Power Pipe Design
    Power Pipe Length Chart,
        Exhaust Timing vs RPM
    Using Tuned Pipes

Bolly Carbon Pipes
    Carbon Fibre Pipes - General Information
    Bolly Mfg Tuned Exhaust Systems
    Bolly Carbon Fibre Muffler Systems
    Notes on Bolly Exhaust Systems

Kits, Building, Trimming Etc.
    'Glass' Fuselages
    Building Foam Core Wings
    Using Epoxy Resin
    Basic Building Principles
    Basic Model Trimming

Bolly Models Available
    Bolly Kits - Model Specifications
    Aerobatics Models Info
    Pylon Race Models Info
    Scale Models Info
    Sports Models Info

Bolly Model Kit Photos
    Pylon Racing Models
    F3A Aerobatics Models
    Scale Aerobatics Models
    Sports Scale Models
    Sports Models
    Ducted Fan Aircraft
    Kit Components

GRP Products, Glues & Hardware
    The 'Bolly' R/C Aircraft Hobby Shop

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Please Note:
This Book was written in 1998.
There have been many changes to
the Bolly Product range since then.

The reference sections remain current,
like all good modeling techniques.